Best long-term tech stocks to buy in 2023

In this article, I have list the best tech stocks, of the most reliable companies to invest in the long term.

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Now let`s move on to the list of stocks:

  • NVDA stock price chart
    NVIDIA Corporation, a global leader in advanced AI computing and visualization technologies, takes center stage in this article. With a proven track record of innovation, NVIDIA has become synonymous with cutting-edge GPU technology and AI solutions. As the demand for AI-powered applications and technologies continues to soar, NVIDIA stands as a key player, providing hardware and software solutions that drive breakthroughs in diverse fields such as gaming, autonomous vehicles, data centers, and more. Explore NVIDIA's impressive product portfolio, market dominance, and forward-looking strategies as we highlight why it is considered one of the top AI stocks to watch and potentially invest in for 2023.
  • AAPL stock price chart
    Apple is the biggest company in the world and probably the best-recognized brand, producing iPhone, iPad, iMac, and other accessories. After the successful launch of Apple TV+ (Netflix competitor), they continue to diversify their business from hardware-only to a services company, thus growing in terms of returns and becoming even more stable and resistant against any economic crashes.
  • ACLS stock price chart
    Axcelis Technologies, Inc. is an American company engaging in the design, manufacture, and servicing of capital equipment for the semiconductor manufacturing industry worldwide.
  • AMD stock price chart
    AMD is an American manufacturer of processors, graphics processors and adapters, motherboards and chipsets for them, and also supplies RAM and solid-state drives under the Radeon brand. With the highly successful release of Ryzen architecture and the relocation of processor manufacturing to third-party manufacturers, the company's processors are gaining more market share, which has a positive impact on the stock price.
  • MSFT stock price chart
    Microsoft is one of the largest multinational companies producing proprietary software for various kinds of computing equipment - personal computers, game consoles, computer peripherals and others. Its Windows operating system is installed in most computers in the world, and the Xbox is familiar to every gamer, but the company's main income comes from the cloud services of Office 365 and Azure.