Best Etsy seller tools to increase your shop's revenue

Do you want to increase sales on Etsy and generate more income? If so, you need utilize the right seller tools in order to maximize your store and attract in more clients. We've selected our top recommendations for the Etsy best seller tools, each of which is intended to help you boost sales and improve operational efficiency. You can manage your inventory, optimize your listings, and increase traffic to your business with the aid of these tools.

If you operate an Etsy business, you are aware of the difficulties in differentiating yourself from the competition and increasing sales. Thank goodness, there are certain technologies that can speed up and automate parts of these processes while increasing your revenue. Keep reading to find out more about how these tools can boost your earnings and to see examples of how other Etsy merchants have successfully used them. These seller tools will enable you to improve your Etsy shop and generate more sales than ever before, regardless of your level of experience.

What is Marmalead?

Marmalead is a market research and SEO tool designed specifically for Etsy sellers. It helps you find the best keywords for your products, analyze your competitors, and track your performance over time. Marmalead uses real data from Etsy shoppers to provide you with accurate and actionable insights that can help you rank higher on Etsy`s search results.

How does Marmalead work?

Marmalead has several features that make it a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for Etsy sellers. Here are some of them:
  • Keyword Explorer: This feature allows you to enter a keyword or phrase related to your product and see how popular, competitive, and engaging it is on Etsy. You can also see related keywords, long tail keywords, seasonal trends, pricing data, and more. Keyword Explorer helps you find the best keywords for your listings that match your target audience`s intent and demand.
  • Listing Grader: This feature allows you to enter a listing URL or ID and see how well it`s optimized for SEO. You can see your listing score based on various factors such as title length, tags usage, description quality, photos quality, etc. You can also see suggestions on how to improve your listing score and rank higher on Etsy.
  • Shop Fitness Calculator: This feature allows you to enter your shop name or URL and see how fit your shop is for SEO. You can see your shop score based on various factors such as number of listings, reviews rating, conversion rate, etc. You can also see suggestions on how to improve your shop score and attract more buyers to your shop.
  • Market Comparison: This feature allows you to compare two keywords or phrases side by side and see which one performs better on Etsy. You can see metrics such as popularity, competition, engagement rate, pricing data, etc. Market Comparison helps you choose the best keyword for your niche and avoid wasting time and money on low-performing keywords.
  • Storm: This feature allows you to brainstorm new product ideas based on popular keywords on Etsy. You can enter a seed keyword or phrase and see related keywords that are trending on Etsy. You can also filter by category, price range, seasonality, etc. Storm helps you discover new opportunities for expanding your product line and reaching new customers.

Why use Marmalead?

Marmalead is one of the best tools for improving your SEO strategy on Etsy because:
  • It uses real data from actual buyers: Unlike other tools that use estimates or guesses based on Google data or other sources, Marmalead uses real data from millions of shoppers who visit Etsy every day. This means that you get reliable and relevant information that reflects what buyers are searching for and buying on Etsy.
  • It focuses on long tail keywords: Long tail keywords are specific phrases that have lower competition but higher conversion rates than generic terms. For example, "handmade leather journal" is a long tail keyword compared to "journal". Long tail keywords help you target niche markets that have less competition but more loyal customers who are willing to pay more for unique products. Marmalead helps you find long tail keywords that match your product offering and buyer persona.
  • It provides actionable insights: Marmalead doesn`t just give you raw data; it gives you insights that help you make informed decisions about improving your SEO strategy. For example, it tells you which keywords are popular but not competitive, which ones are competitive but not engaging, which ones are engaging but not profitable, and which ones are balanced in all aspects. It also tells you how to optimize each aspect of your listing such as title, tags, description, photos, etc.

How much does Marmalead cost?

Marmalead offers three plans with different features and prices:
  • Basic: This plan is free forever and gives you access to limited features such as Keyword Explorer (10 searches per month), Listing Grader (1 listing per month), Shop Fitness Calculator (1 shop per month), and Storm (10 storms per month).
  • Entrepreneur: This plan costs $19 per month or $190 per year (save $38) and gives you access to unlimited features