DevOps portfolio

AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer | Sinch

Dnipro, Ukraine | Aug 2021 - present

  • Helping with infrastructure migration from manually deployed to Terraform-based Infrastructure-as-a-Code deployments which use Github and GitLab for source code storage and Jenkins and GitLab for CI/CD.

DevOps Team Lead | Cisco

Dnipro, Ukraine | Aug 2013 - July 2021

  • Lead Platform upgrade to newer firmware and software versions, including architecture redesign, which made virtualization platform more secure and robust to potential hardware failures.
  • Based on memory usage analysis, I removed VMs memory reservations, which resulted in ability to host 60% more VMs on the same hardware (2000 servers in 25 datacenters worldwide), so company made some extra money.
  • Lead (test, document, help other teams) small 10VMs-in-the-lab project which grew into a worldwide deployment (around 2500 VMs) which was successfully sold as a solution to clients and is still in use.
  • Took over datacenters deployment from third party (expensive) company to internal team and fully automated it, so initial deployment time dropped down from 14 to 2 days and upgrade time - from 15 to 3 months, saving a lot of time and money and allowing teams to spend more time on learning new stuff.

Systems Architect | Credit Suisse

Zurich, Switzerland | Mar 2012 – June 2013

  • Visited client onsite for a month, analyzed infrastructure and created business proposal of what, how and why it needed to be implemented and what is the value for the client.
  • Led platform upgrade from Windows Server 2008 to 2012 which allowed to use newer hypervisor and allowed to virtualize almost all servers increasing high availability of them allowing no service downtime hardware/firmware upgrades.
  • Redesigned storage/backup solution, allowing users to store almost unlimited copies of documents or restoring from the 10 years old backup, instead of having 7-days retention policy configured as it had been before.

Systems Engineer | Barclays Capital

Kyiv, Ukraine | Sep 2010 – Feb 2012

  • Automated most of the daily tasks using PowerShell decreasing average number of open tickets from 150 to 30, thus improving team response time. Average time savings was about 4 hours a day per person in 4 engineers shift.
  • Improved team English level as well as time, priority and change management skills which is the must in order to support huge 25000+ servers environment.

Systems Administrator | Allo

Dnipro, Ukraine | Mar 2007 – Aug 2010

  • Started as System Administrator, supporting one branch office and 2 shops, with later 4 branch offices and 15 shops in the region.
  • Deployed GSM gateway for outgoing mobile calls to save a budget.
  • Deployed Internet access proxy/caching/filtering/reporting system to prevent infected files downloading and inappropriate sites visiting.

Systems Administrator | Foxtrot

Dnipro, Ukraine | Sep 2005 – Feb 2007

  • Standardized company software in HQ and OS patching using Microsoft System Center, as well as antivirus solution in HQ and all 400 branch offices in Ukraine, thus decreasing support time and costs.
  • Led email and encryption system migration from Exchange 2000 to Forefront Identity Manager 2007, which kept access to old encrypted email, while providing better security and user experience to selfmanage user certificates. Also, it allowed to upgrade email server to Exchange 2007 and senior management to use Exchange mobile sync to access their email from anywhere.